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Garmin makes a complete array of maps for your marine GPS called BlueChart. Marine maps, just like road maps are continually updated with new information  so to stay up to date you should refresh your maps every couple of years.

Garmin's BlueChart g2 includes detailed 3D representations of views above and below the waterline. With 3D you can get a good idea of dimensions from all angles so it's easier to see elevations of rocks, coastline buildings, light houses and so on. Along with the standard maps that you are used to from Garmin, you can upgrade your marine GPS to include real aerial shots of areas of interest. Using modern satellite imagery as well as overflight photos taken by aircraft, you can now see true-to-life details for unsurpassed navigational accuracy. Photography is constantly updated as more and more areas are covered or updated.

BlueChart g2 maps are available on memory cards which you slip into the SD card slot on your marine GPS. With touchscreen control you can flip back and forth between views under the water or views of the coastline. Underwater views reveal features such as rocks and reefs and the contours of the sea or lake bed. Set waypoints as reminders of obstacles on routes you are likely to come back to. Above the waterline, set your marine GPS to autoguide and avoid buoys, navigate harbors or plot yourself a route along a favorite coastline strategically designed to arrive at a quaint restaurant in time for dinner. BlueChart g2 marine GPS maps come complete with thousands of points of interests; local hotels and restaurants, known wrecks and reefs, marinas, and times of tides and sunrise/sunsets.

A Marine GPS BlueChart for Every Destination
Whether you are boating on a local lake or planning an exotic boating trip overseas, Garmin makes a BlueChart map for every body of water known to man.  Here's an idea of what to look for:

  • BlueChart Americas: North and South America
  • BlueChart Oceania: Asia
  • BlueChart Pacific: Europe and Africa
  • BlueChart Inland Lakes: America's Freshwater Lakes

Marine GPS BlueChart Formats
The easiest way to buy maps is on an SD memory card which you simply insert into your marine GPS device. You can also buy the maps on CD-ROM or on a USB data card for uploading to your computer and then transferring to your marine GPS. You do this by inserting a blank memory card into your marine GPS and then connecting up the computer and initiating a transfer (like copying data from your PC to a CD). You may be able to copy it directly to the memory on the device. This format is handy if you want to upload the maps to more than one GPS-enabled device. It also allows you to manipulate the data directly on the PC (handy for going indoors and plotting routes). The PC is also a good back up for waypoints and routes that you wish to save or transfer from one marine GPS to another.

Your particular marine GPS device may or may not have special constraints or requirements so to avoid frustration, check your user's manual and look on the Garmin website to ensure compatibility. You can then look forward to many happy marine adventures.

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GPS Charts for Your Marine GPS

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This article was published on 2010/11/22